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Top 3 tips for CFOs on how to tackle a business intelligence strategy

The largest CFO Networking Group in Middle East called MECA held an Innovation Summit around Business Intelligence (BI) in Dubai this month. The summit provided participants with an excellent overview of the opportunity that BI can bring to any organisation and how the CFO can make a difference.

 I had the pleasure of being a panelist on ”What NOT to do with BI: Practical insights to improve your chances of a successful BI implementation”. Here are my top 3 tips from the panel discussion for any CFO who is looking to implement a BI strategy.

Business Intelligence for SMEs - faster time to value and more affordable than ever

Given the fierce competition and the ever-soaring demands of customers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) today need to invest in having BI capabilities to stay relevant and meet these demands. Yet, with scarce resources available, the alignment of business and IT is vital to ensure success, and new options for hosted BI solutions freeing up cash flow are attractive options for SMEs.

What top BI and analytics trends and predictions in 2014 to watch out for?

BI and data analytics are hitting the top trend and prediction lists in 2014 and beyond. We have highlighted our top 4 analytics trends from these lists.

Is your organization ready for “After Big Data”?

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review by Thomas Davenport, professor and fellow at MIT, caught my attention. Davenport refers to the beginnings of a new era: “After Big Data” in his article Analytics 3.0. While organizations built around massive data volumes — such as Facebook, LinkedIn, eBay, Amazon and others — may be ready to move to the next wave of analytics, the full spectrum of big data capabilities is yet to be realized in the traditional organizations we work with on a daily basis.

Analytics like never before – Clariba featured in the Private Sector Qatar Magazine

The business intelligence (BI) trend is making waves across the globe, and the Gulf region is certainly a part of it. Marc Haberland, Managing Director, Clariba, shared his insights on the trends of business intelligence solutions in the Gulf region. Read the full story here: Clariba on Private Sector Qatar - octubre 2013

Are other industries ahead of the healthcare market when it comes to data analytics?

I recently came across Tushar Hazra’s article called Data Analytics: What Healthcare Can Learn From Other Industries and was curious to read about his opinion on the state of data analytics across the North American market. Hazra said, “As a matter of business necessity, companies are moving toward a more aggressive approach to their utilization of data analytics. The most progressive and forward-thinking organizations clearly recognize the competitive edge data provides in getting their products or services to market faster.”

Business Analytics: The end of a trend or room for growth?

In the last 14 years I have been living the expansion, consolidation and innovation of the BI market. No longer is BI a set of tools available only to the privileged few in IT or line of business analysts; BI is becoming ubiquitous in many organizations, and it is rapidly reaching into many areas of our lives as consumers. So one may ask, has BI reached full maturity; have we reached a saturation point with only limited evolutionary, incremental value in the years to come?Quite the opposite! While Gartner saw a slowdown of growth for BI Software from 17% in 2011 to 6.8% in 2012 to total $13.1bn worldwide*, we are seeing a tremendous shift in the industry with a series of innovations that are game changing and will deliver growth, if organizations can effectively adopt and transform.