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Top 3 industry events in the Middle East for IT Management

Don’t miss out on attending key industry events in Doha or Dubai covering various IT trends and strategic initiatives, such as Big Data, Business Intelligence & Information Management, Infrastructure & Operations. Check them out below and register to attend!

Top 3 tips for CFOs on how to tackle a business intelligence strategy

The largest CFO Networking Group in Middle East called MECA held an Innovation Summit around Business Intelligence (BI) in Dubai this month. The summit provided participants with an excellent overview of the opportunity that BI can bring to any organisation and how the CFO can make a difference.

 I had the pleasure of being a panelist on ”What NOT to do with BI: Practical insights to improve your chances of a successful BI implementation”. Here are my top 3 tips from the panel discussion for any CFO who is looking to implement a BI strategy.

The Data Landscape for Telecommunications Companies is Changing Right before our Eyes. Here’s My Takeaway…

Like never before, telcom executives need to gain rapid insight into financial, usage and customer information with the increasing pervasiveness of smart phones and the expansion of social media into our every day life. Margin erosion in a highly competitive and commoditized market where huge capital investments are required to feed the hunger for bandwidth and connectivity requires advanced analytics to identify new sources of revenue and ensure margin optimization while avoiding the churn of the most profitable customers.

It’s definitely a different world 13 years later – My takeaways on Analytics Center of Excellence from the Gartner BI Summit in London.

Thirteen years after my first Gartner BI Summit, the summit in London a week ago was a walk through memory lane. Yes, the technical innovations, trends and challenges that were being discussed were miles ahead of where we were back in 2001. But then again, despite big data, flashy, mobile-enabled dashboards and the ever-growing data discovery solutions, companies must be prepared to optimally leverage these innovations to be able to remain competitive and effective in their approach to business analytics.

What top BI and analytics trends and predictions in 2014 to watch out for?

BI and data analytics are hitting the top trend and prediction lists in 2014 and beyond. We have highlighted our top 4 analytics trends from these lists.