Integrating legacy systems into your enterprise data modeling and stewarding processes with SAP Information Steward

Integrating legacy systems into your enterprise data modeling and stewarding processes with SAP Information Steward

Organizations continue to use their old legacy systems for many reasons, such as them working just fine, the time and money required for redesigning them, poor knowledge of their structure or system, or outdated or total lack of documentation.

These systems may become then data silos with an unclear structure, difficulting data traceability, data quality improvement and error fixing. Moreover, many of these systems are not supported by newer software tools for data traceability, impeding organizations to get a full view of their data.

In this article we’re going to explore the benefits of connecting two SAP® tools, SAP® PowerDesigner and SAP® Information Steward on a test environment performed at Clariba.

Data is the new gold – Have you measured the impact of bad data in your organisation? Here’s how…

Data is the new gold – Have you measured the impact of bad data in your organisation? Here’s how…

With data being the new gold of the digital transformation era, the cost impact of data quality is becoming more and more relevant. In today’s world data is used for decision making across the entire organization. Are companies aware of the economic impact data quality problems can have on their business?

This article will show you how: By leveraging an enterprise solution, SAP Information Steward and applying a lean methodology Six Sigma, we can offer companies clear evidence of their data quality, the economic impact their business is suffering from quality issues and, even more important, the right tools to minimize this cost.

SAP Technical Solutions Series: How to enable collaboration features in BI Dashboards using SAP Design Studio and SAP HANA

In our day-to-day work with our innovative and thankfully, demanding clients we often identify requirements that will provide more value to the business. In quite a few of our recent implementations, customers are demanding user interactivity and collaboration within the SAP Design Studio dashboards we deliver. Unfortunately, such features are still not easy to handle with standard components and we are limited by the out-of-the-box capabilities of the analytics software solutions we implement; alternatives need to be found. These situations give us the opportunity to demonstrate our teams’ abilities, our flexibility and our drive to deliver innovative solutions.

Discover SAP Lumira 2.0: The revolutionary BI workspace linking IT and business.

Clariba and SAP Spain presented the new Lumira 2.0 in a hands-on workshop in Barcelona to a group of leading Spanish organizations. With Lumira 2.0, SAP aims to democratize and extend the use of advanced analytics for decision-making across all levels within the organisation.

Connecting your On-premise SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform with SAP Cloud Platform

With the new capabilities and opportunities provided by SAP Cloud Platform (SCP), a hybrid scenario requiring connectivity to cloud-based data with on-premise SAP BI solutions is a bit of a challenge. Below article addresses how to set this up successfully. 

Design Studio: How to create alerts in a Crosstab with HANA data in 3 Steps

Conditional formatting, as we already know, is a property that allows creating alerts for users, focusing their attention on relevant values appearing on key business metrics.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available for HANA data sources; we needed to find an alternative solution to deal with this issue for our customer. Although the Scorecard component provides a solution, our Clariba of experts have found a low maintenance solution that is scalable and provides better performance. Let us show you how we have achieved this.

Top 10 Reasons to Move Business Intelligence to the Cloud

1.    Capital-expenditure Free

No need for costly in-house infrastructure makes it attractive for business owners — a low-risk venture with great reward potential. Businesses can take advantage of the fact that a cloud-based BI solution reduces the capital expenditure as there is no hardware or infrastructure to set up. 

Exploring SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2

BI4.2 beta testing has been very smooth and BI4.2 is now available for all customers to download.
There are numerous performance enhancements to the platform, tools and some very useful features have been implemented. One feature has even been added arising from popular demand via the ‘Idea Place’ portal. 
We have played with the platform and we highly recommend an upgrade. 

Improving performance in SAP BI Dashboards with the parent/child technique

Working at one of our customers I was assigned the task of improving the performance of a Dashboard that was taking approximately 2 minutes to load; those of you who have experience working with end users know that this is unacceptable for a Dashboard, so in order to resolve that, there are several tips and tricks that can be used to improve the performance of a dashboard in SAP BI Dashboards (formerly known as Xcelsius) – below I will show a few.