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Connecting your On-premise SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform with SAP Cloud Platform

With the new capabilities and opportunities provided by SAP Cloud Platform (SCP), a hybrid scenario requiring connectivity to cloud-based data with on-premise SAP BI solutions is a bit of a challenge. Below article addresses how to set this up successfully. 

Top 5 UNX Roadblocks and How to Overcome Them

I am writing this blog based on my experience using BOC and its connectivity with a Unx.

#1 I am unable to see the “200” confirmation message.

This is a notorious error and it comes up pretty frequently for most new users of BO Cloud. It can be frustrating but it’s actually pretty simple. The “200” message is not as flamboyant as you might think.

SAP BusinessObjects Cloud – exceeding your expectations

SAP BusinessObjects Cloud is one of SAP’s newest product offerings to customers. It is also one among of the most extensively developed tools. In fact, SAP has a large team of developers working on BusinessObjects Cloud that produces new features and enhancements every two weeks! This product initially started out as a small project to create a planning product in the cloud that turned into a tool that customers are mesmerized by.

Exploring SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2

BI4.2 beta testing has been very smooth and BI4.2 is now available for all customers to download.
There are numerous performance enhancements to the platform, tools and some very useful features have been implemented. One feature has even been added arising from popular demand via the ‘Idea Place’ portal. 
We have played with the platform and we highly recommend an upgrade. 

Clariba to host webinar on data discovery, self-service BI and SAP Lumira in Spain

SAP Lumira: Convierta grandes volúmenes de datos en información manejable

¿Qué es Data Discovery? ¿ Qué es el self-service de BI ? ¿Qué es SAP Lumira? 

Descubra con nosotros los beneficios que proporciona esta útil y dinámica solución de negocio en la próxima conferencia web de Clariba en 30 de Septiembre. 

How to overcome limitations of having 1 data source: Multisource SDK with SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.5

As a SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio SDK developer, I always faced the limitation of having only one data source on my components, but now with SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.5 the option of binding a data-source to a property on any component (SDK or out-of-the-box) that limitation no longer exists, and here is how to overcome it.

How to implement dynamic maps in SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 Web Intelligence

As you may know, there are different workarounds to include dynamic maps in SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 Web Intelligence, such as using hyperlinks (i.e. Dashboards) or external API’s (i.e. google maps).  In case that the reports have to be printed as they are, these options do not provide a solution because it’s necessary to embed an image and not a hyperlink in the document.

Our solution consists in using empty cells and insert PNG images of the regions/countries as a background.

How to present SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence dashboards in Microsoft PowerPoint?

Recently, we received a request from a customer to have printable dashboards where they could present dashboards as Microsoft PowerPoint slide presentations and circulate around the company for each reporting cycle. Find out how.

SAP BusinessObjects BO Dashboards – How to bypass Microsoft Office prerequisite?

In one of Clariba’s customer projects we had to install SAP BusinessObjects BO Dashboards 4.1 on top of Microsoft Office 64 bit version. Now, the 64 bit version is not supported by the tool based on SAP Product Availability Matrix, so the setup will fail, but there are still ways to install it. Find out how to bypass this issue.

What to do when DataServices Designer doesn’t launch after SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 SP4 upgrade

When upgrading the SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 Platform in a server that also contains an installation of DataServices, you are risking to damage the DataServices installation, specifically when opening the DataServices Designer after the SAP Business Objects 4.1 SP4 upgrade. You may receive an error as the following -- DataServices is down!