Why you should consider Snowflake as your next generation cloud data platform

Why you should consider Snowflake as your next generation cloud data platform

Choosing the right cloud data platform for your organisation involves a complex assessment of competing features. But for many businesses evaluating the main subscription based options, one of the most important considerations is cost. Transitioning to a cloud based data platform can have significant impact on budgets, especially if spending is difficult to accurately plan for and control.

When a dashboard becomes transactional

When a dashboard becomes transactional

As experts in data warehousing and analytics we are increasingly faced with requirements where our customers need very advanced “dashboarding”. Their requirement may include the ability to execute transactional activities such as creating a Purchase Order, triggering a data process in a back-end system or providing “always on” multimedia streaming and broadcasting at a large scale and this across multiple devices (Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, etc).

Exploring SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2

BI4.2 beta testing has been very smooth and BI4.2 is now available for all customers to download.
There are numerous performance enhancements to the platform, tools and some very useful features have been implemented. One feature has even been added arising from popular demand via the ‘Idea Place’ portal. 
We have played with the platform and we highly recommend an upgrade. 

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Enterprise mobility for joined-up decision making and greater productivity

As the demand for mobile data explodes and the number of mobile solutions and applications continues to expand, enterprise mobility is gaining momentum at an unprecedented rate.
The consumerisation of IT, increased workforce mobility and flexible computing brought on by the movement towards ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) are all drivers of this. And this reflects just how much smartphones and tablets are now part of our daily lives.
Many popular desktop business apps are now being used on consumer devices and the world of enterprise computing is ever changing. This has led to more innovative ways of working and greater productivity, quite simply because users are accessing data and information anytime in their personal lives so they expect this at work too. Enterprise mobility is giving field-based, travelling or customer-facing personnel access to data anytime, anywhere any device – giving them the tools, information and power they need to make critical decisions without even being in the office.
The scale of this evolution can’t be ignored. The world population now stands at over seven million1. The number of cellular subscriptions is around six billion and mobile broadband subscriptions are around 1.2 billion2. And with the global mobile workforce expected to exceed 1.2 billion by 20133, it’s clear that the consumerisation of IT is increasing – with far-reaching implications for your business.

It’s little wonder businesses are seeing enterprise mobility as a strategic necessity. A necessity that gives them the connectivity, visibility and timeliness that allow them to be more collaborative, more responsive and more competitive than ever before. Boris Evelson of Forrester says mobile BI will go mainstream in 2012, and this is the result of years of evolution, look how far mobile BI has come since 1999.

But the Mobile world can be complicated. Even well-managed enterprises are having problems as they embrace mobility.  SAP has run a research to find the main Things Confounding Businesses Going Mobile, and has found that although the technical side can be tricky, it is the business and strategic side that tend to give IT managers a headache when developing their Mobility strategy.

As a SAP partner, Clariba can help you give your employees the tools they need to mobilise their work, increasing efficiency and productivity. We will aid you on building your mobility strategy, and will present you with the adequate solutions based on your needs, that is flexible and capable of being extended as your requirements develop.
Clariba also have a partnership with Exxova, another SAP partner, to distribute their mobility application, called Exxova MyBI mobile, which allows users to securely and instantly access enterprise-wide content held in their SAP BusinessObjects environment anywhere, anytime from their iOS, Android or Windows devices without the need to re-design platforms or content.
When the Mobility strategy is carried out correctly,the improvements to business processes are clear; see the SAP Mobility Clients Montage to find out how other companies are benefiting from Mobile solutions. If you are interested in discovering how mobility can help you to better run your business leave a comment below or contact us at