Device selection for SAP BI Mobile

For companies migrating to, or purchasing the newest SAP BI4 platform, a big question arises: which device should be acquired for employees to access BI? The answer to this question may vary depending on the user profile and type of information they want to access. This article focuses on apple and android devices which are the most sought after in the market nowadays.

Current SAP BI Mobile options

SAP BI currently has the following fastest growing options for mobile: The first 2 are apps freely downloadable from App Store or Google Play and a 3rd option is a direct access to an HTML5 Dashboard through an internet browser.

SAP BI Mobile: It allows visualization of developments from:

  • Web Intelligence
  • Dashboards (aka Dashboard Design or Xcelsius)

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer: It allows to interact with:

  • Explorer
  • Exploration Views

Dashboard Design HTML5 extract: This is a working non-refreshable dashboard item.



The advantage of this is that it does not require any SAP BusinessObjects platform and can be accessed from any browser like Safari or Goggle Chrome as well as desktops – not only tablets -. The disadvantage of this is only offline, not-connected models are allowed and no security can be applied so this option is usable as demo material only. If you want to achieve this follow the method described in this article.



The two device types that will be analysed here are tablets and phones.

IPad and IPhone by Apple are the ones currently well supported by vendor SAP, while some features can currently be accessed also by Android where unfortunately improvements are still pending in the area of Explorer and Dashboards and HTML5 during 2013. So for this reason this article will focus primarily on iOs devices. For a full specification of them check  and



Let’s consider the following case with four user types according to reporting information profile and role: Operational, Tactical, Strategic and Presales and the possibility of them having a phone, a tablet or both. Here is our recommendation for each technology option:

SAP BI Mobile: Web Intelligence

  • Operational Users
  • IPhone1 or higher
  • IPad1 or higher
SBO Explorer: Explorer

  • Operational Users
  • IPhone1 or higher
  • IPad1 or higher
SAP BI Mobile: Dashboards

  • Strategic Users
  • IPad 3 or higher
Offline HTML5 developments

  • Strategic Users and Presales
  • IPhone5
  • IPad3 or higher
SBO Explorer: Exploration Views

  • Tactical Users
  • IPad1 or higher

A summary table describing applicability is shown below. The criteria for selection is basically the RAM memory of the device which is in a direct relationship with the visualization process performance of a Dashboard.


Applicability of SAP BI option per iOs device


We found out that all of the devices with 512MB of RAM or less had difficulty processing a dashboard with 1000 rows of information or more. For instance the IPad1 could barely process 500 rows. The effects were a message popping up in SAP BI mobile: “Insufficient device memory - Loading failed: The dashboard is too complex” or the device Internet Browser freezing up or hanging up

Even if Android is not purely compatible just a few comments on our experience on it:

  • Some WebI components like single cells and small tables are quite well monitored in any device
  • HTML5 developments are partially viewable but some of the components show a corrupted appearance. The RAM limitation also applies, so Dashboards performance would only be good in devices such as Samsung Galaxy 3 or equivalent

For the time being we recommend to use Android for very operational users who just need a few lines of tabular information, until Explorer or Dashboard support becomes a reality. See in the table below the areas where Android currently can be tested. In here we do not refer to specific models because applicability and functionality also vary depending on the Android version.


Fig.2 Applicability of SAP BI option per Android device


The information here if not official from SAP, but are based on our experience. This article will need to be updated during this year 2013, based on the growing improvements that SAP is planning for, as well as new devices being launched in the market.

For now we can state that for iOS consumers who are strategic or working on presales require an IPad3 or an IPad4, and for operative users or tactical who do not need Dashboard capabilities will fulfill their needs with an iPhone.

Regarding Android users, the future is promising but in the meantime we recommend to use it for very simple WebI  developments only, no matter which device. And do not aim to use Dashboards or Explorer, hoping for a full compatibility during 2013.

If you have questions about this article, or if you want to share your experience or tips, please feel free to leave a comment.

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Benefits can be felt in all hierarchy levels.  Top level executives will be able to examine the overall health and direction of the company. Department leaders such as the CFO will e able to tap into analytics and performance management tools in order to get visibility into performance, support compliance and reduce risk. HR can streamline the administration tasks and focus on aligning talent to business goals. Sales and Marketing can understand what customers want and deliver products and promotions accordingly. Operations can be optimized by improving planning and stock replenishment to function more profitably.

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Old news: we all know mobile devices nowadays mean a lot more than just a device for making calls. People are using their smart phones and tablets as a way to research, buy, sell, connect with people, well interact in a series of ways in their personal life. This phenomenon is now starting to move to the workplace too. In fact, mobiles are  becoming the preferred way of consuming business information regardless if they are outside or inside the office. Not only companies are seeing a boost in productivity, but they are also realizing that mobile innovation is helping companies streamline business processes due to up-to-the-minute, highly detailed information that enables decisive action in situations where this was impossible previously. Workers can make fact-based decisions, avoiding problems or seizing opportunities in the moment, in ways that traditional desktop applications simply can’t support.

All is well... well... there´s a challenge: to deliver a secure, joined-up mobile strategy that can make “anytime, anywhere” a reality for your business processes. This must also take into account the variety of mobile devices and operating systems in concurrent use, and most of all, ensure company data is secure at all times.

At SAPPHIRE NOW’s dedicated Mobile Campus you can find everything you need to start from SAP´s business-grade apps for management, sales, service, transaction and much more on the go. You will also see SAP’s device management solution, development platform and mobile strategy so that you get an idea of how the whole picture would look. But it´s not about seeing, you will also be able to test these technologies hands-on. This is a great opportunity to get to grips with all the possibilities that mobile solutions can bring to your business: increase productive, improve service, accelerate processes and bring greater flexibility to employees and customers, such as the Standard Bank South Africa has done by unwiring their customers.

If your not at SAPPHIRE NOW this week, you can contact Clariba at to meet with one of our consultants to learn more about enterprise mobility solutions, such as the one we are developing for Arab Business Machines, which will deliver mobile BI on their iPads for insights no matter where employees are. You can also follow the SAPPHIRE NOW Mobile Blog to follow what is happening at the event and get more information around Enterprise Mobility.



Clariba and Exxova bring you Exxova´s MyBI Mobile at GITEX 2012

Visit Clariba and Exxova at GITEX Technology Week 2012, check out Exxova MyBI in action and enter the drawing for a 10-user implementation of Exxova MyBI Cloud!

Clariba and Exxova will be present at the SAP stand at the GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2012, the #1 technology fair in the MEASA region, and considered by many, as one of the top information and communications technology (ICT) trade fairs in the world. Over 138,000 ICT Professionals, 18,000 C-level executives and more than 80% of the top ICT brands worldwide are expected in GITEX 2012, which will run from 14 to 18 octubre at the Dubai World Trade Center.

As GITEX continues to uncover the latest IT trends, like the shift to enterprise mobility accelerating at a rapid rate on upcoming years, it is unsurprising that we find the “Mobile, Apps & Content” area at the exhibition floor. This is where you will find the SAP Stand. With Mobility at the core of their innovation agenda, and heavy investments to stay at the forefront of the enterprise mobility market, SAP will be present at GITEX , showcasing its leading solutions in mobile device management, mobile applications and development platform among others.

The SAP stand will also feature partners such as Clariba ─ an expert provider of business intelligence solutions and a specialist in SAP BusinessObjects working with Exxova Worldwide ─ global supplier of MyBI Mobile.

The two companies have partnered to bring Exxova's MyBI Mobile™ solution to the EMEA region. MyBI Mobile is a business intelligence mobility solution, which allows users to instantly access enterprise-wide BI content from mobile devices. It provides business leaders with real-time mission-critical data whether in the boardroom or airport terminal. All existing content is available without the need for rewriting or re-platforming so you can enjoy speed, flexibility, application breadth and simplicity.

  • Meet us at our joint pod within the SAP stand in Hall 6, Stand #57 for a hands-on demo of Exxova´s MyBI Mobile and for insights on enterprise mobility and information management from Marc Haberland and David Monks.
  • We also invite you to attend our Expert Presentation ─ Information at the Point of Decision with MyBI Mobile ─ at the Seminar Area of the SAP stand, on the 17th October at 12:30, presented by David Monks.
  • By visiting us you will be able to enter the drawing for a full implementation of Exxova MyBI Cloud for 1 year for 10 users (worth $5,000!).

“We are excited to go to GITEX; it has become one of the most important ICT events of the year. As a BI services and solutions provider, Clariba believes that it’s important for the entire SAP BusinessObjects BI portfolio to run on multiple mobile platforms," says Marc Haberland, Managing Director of Clariba. “Exxova’s MyBI Mobile solution is a very cost-effective, easy-to-use option to deliver that without compromising data security, and we think this is a great fit with the GITEX technology week, where attendants come to see innovative solutions that can help improve their work processes” Marc comments.

David Monks, Vice President of Exxova EMEA, complements, saying that “the opportunity to showcase our innovative MyBI Mobile solution delivering broad support of Business Intelligence across the SAP  BusinessObjects family and beyond in conjunction with our partners Clariba and SAP is an exciting event for Exxova. We look forward  to showing how easy it is to deliver mobile BI using Dashboards Design (Xcelsius) Flash-based dashboards, Webi Reports, Crystal and even Explorer onto mobile devices like the iPad without any re-engineering whatsoever and with only 1 or 2 days installation time”.

______________________________________________________________ SAP, Clariba & Exxova can be found in Hall 6, Stand #57 – Mobile, Apps & Content area

For more information on GITEX Technology week visit

For more information on Clariba visit or contact us at

For more information on Exxova Worldwide visit or contact us at

Boost Productivity with Enterprise Mobility

Both employees and customers are becoming increasingly mobile, and as they do so, their expectations regarding employers and product/service providers change. Businesses that manage, secure and support mobile devices and their apps, help employees become more agile and productive, and improve the service provided to customers. SAP mobile solutions can help to bring greater flexibility to work processes.

By putting the enterprise functionality normally found on the desktop into employees’ palms 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and supporting these with an ever-growing range of mobile enterprise apps – portable versions of back-office systems. So employees are working more effectively because they have the flexibility to manage, sell, service, market, transact, spend and work on the go.

The SAP range of over 200 mobile apps spans industry, line of business and analytics. They let employees perform tasks from anywhere, at anytime, transforming  downtime into uptime. Plane delays and waiting at the airport for example, can now be used as productive time, as the CEO can check recent performance updates at the airport lounge.  A store manager can answer customer inquiries immediately at the shop floor. An IT support employee can check the inventory for a piece that he needs to fix an equipment while on the customer´s site. You can enjoy greater efficiency and offer more seamless and impressive customer service are the result. To see for yourself, watch this case study from Kardinal Shwarzach Hospital Case Study to see how enterprise mobility has allowed them to provide excellent service to their patients.

You’ll find that 91% of the world’s leading brands have already opted for at least one SAP mobile app and SAP are leading the way in the enterprise mobility application market. SAP has mobility at the core of its innovation agenda, and is investing heavily to stay ahead of the competition, while at the same time fostering collaboration from its ecosystem partners.

Your company can start enjoying the benefits of mobility with the help of Clariba and our partner Exxova.

With Exxova´s MyBI Mobile you will be able to enjoy all your SAP BusinessObjects content from a mobile device, anytime, at any place, without time-consuming re-platforming. With a simple deployment process, and a familiar interface, format and content we reduce the learning curve and improve user adoption, so your employees can immediately start enjoying the benefits of mobility, improving productivity.

Learn more about Mobility with the Top 50 Mobile Twitter Influencers and about SAP Mobile Solutions on the SAP Mobile Blog

If you have any doubts or would like more information about SAP Mobile solutions or Exxova´s MyBI Mobile, leave a comment below. You can also find us at GITEX Technology Week 2012 in Dubai, at the SAP Stand.


Enterprise Mobility - Efficiency that Keeps Customers Near

The current explosion in enterprise mobility means that there’s never been a better opportunity for businesses to engage with their customers more effectively.
With the right mobile apps and connectivity, businesses can have access to the right information at the right time. This lets them answer customer queries efficiently, resolve issues satisfactorily or delight customers with well-targeted communications or offers.
When customers are happy, that’s when they stay put and spread the good word.
Through enterprise mobility, organisations can increase efficiency by eliminating paperwork, reducing travel time, managing tasks, calendars, alerts and more.
With 91% of the world’s leading brands having at least one SAP mobile app, they’re number one in the enterprise mobility application market. They also offer over 200 mobile apps – a range that spans industry, line of business and analytics. And there are 60 million users who trust the SAP Sybase Unwired Platform and Afaria Mobile Device Management solution.
Users include Asian Paints (India’s largest paint company). The company used Sybase Unwired Platform to make data and information about its 200 plus products easily available to its 1700 sales people in the field (See Asian Paints success story here). And what is a best example than SAP itself running their SAP mobility platform and realizing all benefits it can bring (see SAP runs SAP Mobile here).
With SAP mobile solutions, businesses can create an enterprise mobility strategy that aligns with their broader IT strategy and helps them engage effectively with their valued customers.
Clariba as a valued SAP Partner in Europe and the Middle East can help you define your mobility needs and help you to come up with a solution tailored to your requirements, helping you to make decisions faster, from anywhere at anytime.
We have also partnered with Exxova to provide our client with Exxova MyBI Mobile, an application that allows users to securely and instantly access enterprise-wide content held in their SAP BusinessObjects environment from mobile devices instantly, without re-designing anything.
If you wish to know more about how mobility can make you run faster and more effectively, contact Clariba. You can also learn more about enterprise mobility through the Top 10 Blogs / News Sites for Mobile.

Enterprise mobility for joined-up decision making and greater productivity

As the demand for mobile data explodes and the number of mobile solutions and applications continues to expand, enterprise mobility is gaining momentum at an unprecedented rate.
The consumerisation of IT, increased workforce mobility and flexible computing brought on by the movement towards ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) are all drivers of this. And this reflects just how much smartphones and tablets are now part of our daily lives.
Many popular desktop business apps are now being used on consumer devices and the world of enterprise computing is ever changing. This has led to more innovative ways of working and greater productivity, quite simply because users are accessing data and information anytime in their personal lives so they expect this at work too. Enterprise mobility is giving field-based, travelling or customer-facing personnel access to data anytime, anywhere any device – giving them the tools, information and power they need to make critical decisions without even being in the office.
The scale of this evolution can’t be ignored. The world population now stands at over seven million1. The number of cellular subscriptions is around six billion and mobile broadband subscriptions are around 1.2 billion2. And with the global mobile workforce expected to exceed 1.2 billion by 20133, it’s clear that the consumerisation of IT is increasing – with far-reaching implications for your business.

It’s little wonder businesses are seeing enterprise mobility as a strategic necessity. A necessity that gives them the connectivity, visibility and timeliness that allow them to be more collaborative, more responsive and more competitive than ever before. Boris Evelson of Forrester says mobile BI will go mainstream in 2012, and this is the result of years of evolution, look how far mobile BI has come since 1999.

But the Mobile world can be complicated. Even well-managed enterprises are having problems as they embrace mobility.  SAP has run a research to find the main Things Confounding Businesses Going Mobile, and has found that although the technical side can be tricky, it is the business and strategic side that tend to give IT managers a headache when developing their Mobility strategy.

As a SAP partner, Clariba can help you give your employees the tools they need to mobilise their work, increasing efficiency and productivity. We will aid you on building your mobility strategy, and will present you with the adequate solutions based on your needs, that is flexible and capable of being extended as your requirements develop.
Clariba also have a partnership with Exxova, another SAP partner, to distribute their mobility application, called Exxova MyBI mobile, which allows users to securely and instantly access enterprise-wide content held in their SAP BusinessObjects environment anywhere, anytime from their iOS, Android or Windows devices without the need to re-design platforms or content.
When the Mobility strategy is carried out correctly,the improvements to business processes are clear; see the SAP Mobility Clients Montage to find out how other companies are benefiting from Mobile solutions. If you are interested in discovering how mobility can help you to better run your business leave a comment below or contact us at

Clariba Webinar – Exxova MyBI Mobile: Movilidad para su Negocio

Obtenga la posibilidad de tomar decisiones a cualquier momento visualizando los datos de su empresa desde su dispositivo móvil con Exxova MyBI

Asista a nuestro Webinar (en Castellano) 16 de Mayo de 11.00 a 12:00 (CET GMT+1:00)



Muchas empresas han realizado importantes inversiones en el desarrollo de sus soluciones de Business Intelligence. En el caso de SAP BW y BusinessObjects, dichas empresas han acumulado cientos de informes utilizando herramientas como Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence y Dashboards (Xcelsius) de SAP, realizando además grandes esfuerzos para establecer un modelo de seguridad y suponiendo todo ello, una inversión considerable. La percepción actual del mercado es que los dispositivos móviles actuales, no pueden manejar el análisis de datos de la misma manera en que lo hacen las soluciones de BI avanzadas y maduras de hoy en día, por lo que los negocios tienden a modificar sus procesos y contenidos para la movilidad.

Sin embargo, la aplicación MyBI Mobile permite a las compañías aprovechar sus inversiones anteriores. Con ella el usuario puede acceder al contenido crucial de toda la empresa en cualquier lugar, en cualquier momento y sin ninguna modificación importante en el contenido o la plataforma existentes. Los usuarios pueden imprimir, cambiar, actualizar y hacer todo el trabajo que realizan actualmente en el sistema BI de la empresa a través de un dispositivo móvil, facilitando la acogida por parte de los usuarios.

Le invitamos a invertir una hora de tu tiempo para conocer esta solución y verla en acción en nuestro webinar MyBI. La agenda del evento es:

  • Introducción
  • Características principales de Exxova MyBI Mobile
  • Beneficios principales de Exxova MyBI Mobile
  • Demo
  • Preguntas y respuestas

Para obtener más información visite nuestro sitio web.

Saludos Cordiales,

Lorena Laborda Business Development Manager – Clariba EU

Clariba Webinar – Decision Making goes Mobile with Exxova MyBI

Are you looking for a way to access your company data from your mobile device? With Exxova MyBI, you can!

Attend our Webinar (in English) on the 15th of May from 11.00 - 12:00 (UAE - GMT +4:00).


Currently, organizations have made significant investments in developing their Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. In the case of SAP BW and BusinessObjects, business and IT organizations have amassed hundreds of reports using tools such as Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence, and Dashboards (Xcelsius) from SAP. Additionally, significant efforts have been used to establish an enterprise security model. These combined efforts represent a considerable investment.

The existing market perception is that the current mobile devices cannot manage the heavy lifting of the data analytics comparable to today’s advanced and mature BI solutions, so businesses tends to modify their processes and content to adapt to mobile tools.

However, Exxova´s MyBI mobile app allows companies to leverage their previous investments. With it users can instantly access Enterprise wide content at crucial decision points at any location at any time without any major modification to any existing content. Users can print, change, update, and do all of the work that they currently perform on the enterprise system through a mobile device, increasing end user adoption.

We invite you to invest an hour of your time to get to know this solution and see it in action in our MyBI webinar. The agenda for the event is:

  • Introduction
  • Main features of Exxova´s MyBI mobile
  • Main benefits of Exxova´s MyBI mobile
  • Demo
  • Questions and answers


For More information about Exxova MyBI visit our website.

Best Regards,

Xavier Marigó Sales Manager – Clariba ME