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An easy solution for e-mail delivery using SAP BI BusinessObjects and Gmail

In order to distribute content of SAP BI BusinessObjects, there are currently several automated options, including send to Inbox, FTP, default location and e-mail.

Regarding the send to e-mail feature, sometimes it is easy to configure — that is the case of big corporations that have their own accounts set up within their domain and unlimited power to administer them — but sometimes it’s not that easy and it involves extra cost.

A alternative way of configuring the send to e-mail feature is by using a Gmail account, which is explained in this article.

Behind the scenes – The making of I Am Clariba campaign in Barcelona

Clariba recently launched its I Am Clariba #BeClariba campaign where our team shares their point of view on why they stand proud as Clariba. Our Barcelona-based team kicked off the first photo session and had a great time being part of it for a day! Check out the behind the scenes in our Barcelona office. Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter to be part of I Am Clariba and get a glimpse into our culture, workplace and brand — #BeClariba.

Click here to view "The making of I Am Clariba campaign in Barcelona":

More to come throughout 2015!

Clariba launches I Am Clariba - #BeClariba

Clariba is a fast-growing, independent consultancy that represents clarity, professionalism, integrity, commitment, teamwork and quality — to name a few. Our People, our Solutions and our Expertise are what makes us stand apart from the competition. Through photos of our team — representing 18 nationalities — and their words, our team members will share their point of view on why they stand proud as Clariba — giving our followers, customers, partners and even future employees a glimpse into our culture and workplace.  Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter to be part of the I Am Clariba experience — #BeClariba.

Project Deployment in SQL Server Integration Services 2012

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is the ETL (Extract, Transformation and Load) tool in the Microsoft Business Intelligence suite. Microsoft changed the way they handle data loads completely with the introduction of SQL Server 2005, offering complete ETL functionality as opposed to mainly Extract and Load functionality available in earlier versions. The release of SQL Server 2012 introduced another significant improvement on previous versions, providing a new way of configuring packages for deployment. Once development of packages has been completed, the challenge is to deploy those packages from a development environment to test or production environment without having to manually reconfigure them for the new environment. Configuring packages in SSIS has not always been very easy. A main problem was the different possibilities that developers had, including XML configuration files, Environment variables, Registry entries, Parent package variables and SQL Server configurations.