Clariba hits a company milestone

We are proud to reach 50 employees!

Our People, our Solutions and our Expertise are what makes Clariba stand apart from the competition. In the photos above, our team — representing 18 nationalities — shares why they stand proud as Clariba — giving our followers, customers, partners and even future employees a glimpse into our culture and workplace.

Clariba, SAP Gold partner, reaches 50 employees across Europe and Middle East. 

Clariba, SAP Gold partner, reaches 50 employees across Europe and Middle East. 

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An easy solution for e-mail delivery using SAP BI BusinessObjects and Gmail

In order to distribute content of SAP BI BusinessObjects, there are currently several automated options, including send to Inbox, FTP, default location and e-mail.

Regarding the send to e-mail feature, sometimes it is easy to configure — that is the case of big corporations that have their own accounts set up within their domain and unlimited power to administer them — but sometimes it’s not that easy and it involves extra cost.

A alternative way of configuring the send to e-mail feature is by using a Gmail account, which is explained in this article.

Have you encountered the migration bug for SAP BusinessObjects (BO) BI Platform 4.x?

When trying to upgrade your SAP BusinessObjects (BO) Business Intelligence (BI) Platform from XI3.1 to 4.0 or greater and migrate your Windows AD Users and Groups, you will notice that they were migrated with Copy (1) in their name. 

The resolution provided by SAP in this case is to manually rename the Users and Groups.
This is fine if you have up to 50 objects to rename; but in general this is not the case, so you will want an automated solution (unless you want to waste some good hours).

Now the question is: How you can create an automated solution? There is a simple answer: by taking advantage of the Platform SDK.