SAP Predictive Analysis

Decision trees with SAP Predictive Analytics and SAP HANA

Data mining, as per definition, is a discipline whose main aim is to discover patterns and most importantly, to predict and gain more knowledge on your data. This is done by combining different methods and approaches from artificial intelligence and statistics disciplines. One of the most common problems is how to build accurate and optimal classifier that given raw data helps us to build a model to classify future cases. There are many algorithms and methods available and we will refer in this blog article to the C4.5 which is available in the SAP Predictive Analytics tool. SAP Predictive analytics (SAP Infinite Insight) provides data mining capabilities that help many companies to anticipate customer behaviors and demands.

Simple Forecast Exercise with SAP Predictive Analysis

One of the latest products that SAP has incorporated in its Business Intelligence Suite is SAP Predictive Analysis. Essentially, this product shares its main interface with SAP Lumira (formerly SAP Visual Intelligence) but the added value comes from the Predict workspace where you can find a series of algorithms to build predictive models.