Clariba and Exponent Partner to Offer Integrated Asset Management Solutions to Enterprise Organizations

Leveraging drone technology and SAP applications to provide actionable business insight

According to the BBC, the UAE government predicts that the civilian drone industry will be worth US$10bn by 2025 (BBC, septiembre 2015). At this time, government agencies — aiming for their smart cities ambitions — are leading the way with drone technology for national defense, security and surveillance. While in contrast, enterprise organizations are behind with the adoption of drone technology and still rely on costly, labour-intensive and cumbersome business processes, primarily asset tracking and inspection.

Clariba and Exponent Technology Services partner to automate these business processes and provide enterprise organizations with integrated asset management solutions. By leveraging Exponent’s drone technology and Clariba’s integration and analytics expertise using SAP technology, the partnership will support companies’ business outcomes by producing actionable insight and improving the decision-making processes.

"We have been involved in many conversations with our clients and identified cases where the use of drone technology, as part of their analytics and business intelligence strategy, would be beneficial,” stated Matij Srzentic, head of innovation, Clariba. “After a thorough research of the market, we found a perfect fit in Exponent as a partner, who shares our passion for innovation to solve complex challenges faced by industry leaders by using innovative approaches and technologies,” he added.

Asam Khan, chief operating officer, Exponent Technology Services explains how the idea of partnership came to life, "Having witnessed a tremendous growth this year in the development of drone-based, data-acquisition solutions, we have been on the lookout for a more well-rounded solution while also allowing to stay focused on our core activities. Clariba is unique in its regional industry penetration and adoption of innovation around analytics. After a series of meetings, closing a partnership became a logical step for both parties.”

By utilizing SAP’s real-time integration technology SAP HANA, the rich data collected by the sensors onboard drones are made available for integration within in-house enterprise SAP ERP and CRM applications and can be analyzed with easy-to-use analytics applications. With this solution, business users will have more accurate and up-to-date asset information at their fingertips — allowing for quicker and more effective decision making.

“Visit us at the Drones Middle East Conference 25 enero 2016 in Dubai which we are sponsoring and where we will be demonstrating our integrated asset management solutions to leading companies in the region," stated Marc Haberland, managing director, Clariba.  

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