Clariba Launches Office of the CFO Division to Focus on the Most Critical Pillar of Any Organization – the Finance Team

Christophe Machinet joins Clariba as general manager of the new division

Clariba — an independent, analytics consultancy — creates new business unit, Office of the CFO, that builds on Clariba’s considerable strengths in data warehousing, big data, business intelligence and advanced analytics to provide solutions devoted to CFOs and finance teams. Christophe Machinet has joined the company as general manager for the new business unit and will be responsible for the division’s growth.


In uncertain times, CFOs are increasingly under pressure to play a key role in the definition of their organizations' strategy with a strong focus towards financial planning, financial performance management, definition of M&A activity, while at the same time overseeing their operational duties.

“The UAE government plans to introduce VAT and corporation tax. The UAE currently only levies corporation tax on foreign banks’ operations in the country” as noted in Al Ittihad. This will lead to private and public sectors having to rethink their internal finance processes, and for UAE groups and subsidiaries fiscal optimizations will become a must. Organizations have to anticipate and prepare for these changes. One of the key milestones will be the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) adoption that will become the rule in the GCC according to a PWC report published in 2014.

With all these changes on the horizon, Clariba’s Office of the CFO solutions streamline planning, financial consolidation and regulatory disclosure management, so CFOs can focus on profitable growth, development of corporate strategy and support their organizations’ digital transformation while reducing time, risk, and cost of regulatory reporting.

"We have seen an increased need for governance, financial consolidation and a strong need for compliance to IFRS standards with the anticipated fiscal and taxation laws in the GCC region. Clariba aims to support financial teams to address these needs effectively,” stated Christophe Machinet, general manager of the Office of CFO Division, Clariba.

"Over the past 15 years Clariba has been working with CFOs and financial teams across the Middle East and Europe and we have a clear understanding of their needs around analytics and financial processes,” stated Marc Haberland, managing director, Clariba. "With these new solutions, we aim to further hone in on the most critical pillar of any organization – the finance team."

More information on the Office of the CFO solutions and explore the technology behind it.

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