Top 10 Reasons to Move Business Intelligence to the Cloud

1.    Capital-expenditure Free

No need for costly in-house infrastructure makes it attractive for business owners — a low-risk venture with great reward potential. Businesses can take advantage of the fact that a cloud-based BI solution reduces the capital expenditure as there is no hardware or infrastructure to set up. 

2.    Scalability

Cloud BI applications are easily scaled to accommodate the growth of the business and its number of users. Hosting BI in the cloud enables organizations to cope with growing data volumes without having to upgrade or migrate to other systems. 

3.    Security

Data is every organization’s key asset.  One of the challenges for many organizations can be protecting this sensitive data. Cloud BI stores company data in actively managed data centers where security experts are actively monitoring for security threats around the clock.

4.    Disaster recovery

There is no need for in-house disaster recovery as soon as companies start relying on cloud-based services. Robust disaster recovery solutions are provided by the cloud provider. 

5.    Automatic software updates

Unlike on-premise solutions, cloud-based BI does not tie up an organization’s internal resources for costly upgrades. Applications are automatically updated by the cloud provider with minimal downtime. 

6.    Increased collaboration

With BI in the cloud, teams can access, edit and share content anytime, anywhere, and make decisions in real time. 

7.    Content control

While all data is stored centrally, employees see only relevant information for their line of business. This enables everyone to see only one version of the truth yet optimize the necessary data management.

8.    Work from anywhere

Cloud-based BI applications can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, on any device by using a web browser. 

9.    Competitiveness

BI in the cloud provides access to robust, enterprise-class technology, while ensuring an agile BI environment. This means more flexibility and faster response to changing market demands. 

10.    Environmentally-friendly

Cloud solutions are here to help optimize the usage of server infrastructures, they are also effectively reducing carbon footprint, which means making cloud a more environmentally-friendly proposition.

Not moved to the cloud yet?

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