Horeca Trade - Video testimonial

Hear how Hisham Aljamil runs Horeca Trade better, thanks to implementing SAP BusinessObjects BI with Clariba

Horeca Trade is the only company in the UAE completely dedicated to the foodservice channel. From people and products, to distribution and marketing, they do it all. Their business model was built from the ground up specifically to accommodate foodservice standards and requirements, which requires tight monitoring from producer to consumer.

Consumables have a very specific time frame for delivery, and Horeca has to ensure that its processes are as tightly controlled and efficient as possible. Any delay in the network could result in loss of products, and they have a lot to track as they deliver across the UAE 24 hours a day.

With SAP Business Intelligence solutions implemented by SAP Partner Clariba, Horeca Trade has full control over sales, inventory, purchases, finance, operations and HR, all the ingredients needed for success. With SAP, they run better, and serve their customers better.

Listen to: Hisham Aljamil - Managing Director of Horeca Trade in our latest video testimonial.