Migrar a BusinessObjects XI 3.0 con Clariba y SolStonePlus

BI Partners Clariba and SolstonePlus are working together with customers throughout the UK and Europe to help them define the most effective way to migrate to BusinessObjects XI 3.0 and realize the benefits of this new platform.

By migrating to BusinessObjects XI 3.0, companies will experience a full spectrum of capabilities designed to optimize the performance, scalability and reliability of their Business Objects technology investment. With this new platform, every user in the organization will experience trusted, immediate access to the business information they need to do their jobs - just as easily as they have access to e-mail or the Internet.

BusinessObjects XI 3.0 is the most advanced platform available for business intelligence today. It offers powerful query and analysis with Web Intelligence, enhanced tools for dashboarding and visualization, world class performance management, and maximum security for user profiles and reports.

"Our Certified Business Objects XI Migration Specialists can pave the way for a seamless implementation while helping to reduce costs, minimize risks, and accelerate time to full user adoption." states Marc Haberland, Founder and Managing Director of Clariba. "Migrating from BusinessObjects 5.1.x or 6.x environment requires an experienced team to lead the way and ensure success. Clariba and SolStonePlus understand the challenges and concerns that businesses may have when considering a migration. Our consultants have in-depth and proven experience with the legacy environments and a high level of expertise when it comes to planning and implementing a migration to BusinessObjects XI 3.0."

An initial assessment is made simple with the Clariba XI Migration Estimation Tool. Over the years, Clariba has gained valuable insight into the migration process, including the information required to complete an accurate assessment. As a result of this experience, the Clariba XI Migration Estimation Tool considers user details, licenses, infrastructure (and more) to estimate the time and cost of migrating to BusinessObjects XI 3.0. Please  contact Clariba directly to arrange for a consultation or online demo.