Clariba es el primer socio presentado en MyBI Mobile Global Environment

Until the 15th of November Clariba is the featured Partner in the Exxova Global Partner Showcase. This is a great opportunity for Clariba to demonstrate business intelligence data visualizations capabilities which can be seen by every one of the 15,000 users who already downloaded the MyBI Mobile app from the App Store to-date, and by the new users downloading the app from now on. When a user logs into the MyBI Mobile demo environment, they will see the Clariba Logo which will than direct the user to the Clariba data visualization content available.




"We are very excited to be the first showcased partner in the MyBI Mobile demo environment" says Marc Haberland, managing director of Clariba, "this is great quality exposure for our brand, and a unique opportunity to show users worldwide our expertise in business intelligence. Our showcased content comes from real case scenarios of business challenges our BI consultants have solved, this gives users a clearer idea of what Clariba can do with their data using industry best practices and years of experience in BI".

This is also the perfect way to show the power of MyBI Mobile to display diverse content on mobile devices. "A solution that makes BI mobility possible, no matter what SAP BusinessObjects content you need to mobilize (Xcelsius/Dashboard Design, Crystal Reports, Explorer, Web Intelligence or Visual Intelligence) sure deserves a second look, specially when installation can be done in a matter of days, with no content re-writing or re-platforming. This is the reason Clariba believes in the solution and has become the value-added reseller of MyBI in the Middle East region" finishes Marc.

Mark Hillam, President of Business intelligence for Exxova mentioned on the Exxova blog that "working closely with our partners it was evident, that as a platform, MyBI had assembled some of the best talent across the globe. Great business intelligence is an art and we are thrilled that MyBI acts as a medium for the thousands of MyBI users to experience the best of business intelligence “done right”.

If you wish to see the Clariba content on the MyBI demo environment Click Here to download MyBI Mobile from the App Store. If you would like to request a demo to get more information book a meeting with one of our expert BI consultants by Contacting Us.