Why you should consider Snowflake as your next generation cloud data platform

Why you should consider Snowflake as your next generation cloud data platform

Choosing the right cloud data platform for your organisation involves a complex assessment of competing features. But for many businesses evaluating the main subscription based options, one of the most important considerations is cost. Transitioning to a cloud based data platform can have significant impact on budgets, especially if spending is difficult to accurately plan for and control.

Top 10 Reasons to Move Business Intelligence to the Cloud

1.    Capital-expenditure Free

No need for costly in-house infrastructure makes it attractive for business owners — a low-risk venture with great reward potential. Businesses can take advantage of the fact that a cloud-based BI solution reduces the capital expenditure as there is no hardware or infrastructure to set up. 

Top 5 UNX Roadblocks and How to Overcome Them

I am writing this blog based on my experience using BOC and its connectivity with a Unx.

#1 I am unable to see the “200” confirmation message.

This is a notorious error and it comes up pretty frequently for most new users of BO Cloud. It can be frustrating but it’s actually pretty simple. The “200” message is not as flamboyant as you might think.

SAP BusinessObjects Cloud – exceeding your expectations

SAP BusinessObjects Cloud is one of SAP’s newest product offerings to customers. It is also one among of the most extensively developed tools. In fact, SAP has a large team of developers working on BusinessObjects Cloud that produces new features and enhancements every two weeks! This product initially started out as a small project to create a planning product in the cloud that turned into a tool that customers are mesmerized by.

Business Intelligence for SMEs - faster time to value and more affordable than ever

Given the fierce competition and the ever-soaring demands of customers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) today need to invest in having BI capabilities to stay relevant and meet these demands. Yet, with scarce resources available, the alignment of business and IT is vital to ensure success, and new options for hosted BI solutions freeing up cash flow are attractive options for SMEs.