Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) is a function domain adopted by most organizations to ensure value generation of their plans.

In simplistic terms, the goal of any PPM initiative is to reach a target within time and within resource constraints. That said, there are thousands of methods for executing Project and Portfolio Management – Through the flexibility of the Corporater BMP’s flexibility, it is well suited to be the project and portfolio management tool organizations have been looking for.

The adoption of the span of PPM ranges based on the size and complexity of the organization. For smaller organizations, they can make due with only task-oriented solutions to monitor execution of projects. For large, complex organizations they might need multi-dimensional support to understand performance of projects. The dimensions are typically well known; Projects, under Programs under Portfolios – Projects with teams from different departments (i.e. Finance, Operations and BI department collaborating) and projects related to the execution of Strategic Objectives.

As the complexity increases, so does the value of using Corporater BMP to manage them.

Today, many organizations use Corporater to manage Portfolios – these can investment portfolios (i.e. buildings, holdings etc.) or project portfolios. The value stems from the ability to connect different source systems, departments and individuals. Many organizations also use the Project and Initiative capabilities for project management, others use it for strategic planning and execution.

The Corporater Business Management Platform enables managers to evaluate the costs and benefits of their projects and activities. Are they delivering their intended business outcomes? Are the assigned the right resources and prioritization? The Corporater business apps are easy to use, and can integrate with third party project management solutions, or be created on the fly to provide an overview of all activities related to an objective, outcome, goal, or functions. Connect projects with plans, objectives, goals, risks, and financial resources to make better management decisions.

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