Employee Performance Management is at the core of Performance Management as a domain.

Traditionally Performance Management is a discipline that is used in organizations to evaluate and monitor employee’s work, or performance.

Specific Employee Performance Management models include strategy execution – Aligning employees with organization’s goals and objectives. Employee surveys – like the 360 survey, KPI performance management – with KPI owners, job-development plans, innovation processes etc.

The outcome of many of these models is to create engagement, ownership and to keep employees accountable. Corporater is frequently being used by clients for parts, or for full fletch employee performance management solutions.

Specific models we see are:

  • Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) or Goal Management

  • Individual development plans and appraisal models

  • Workforce and competency planning

With many organizations ranging from 100 to 100 000 employees, it is easy to understand that managing such a workforce, and keeping employees, departments and managers aligned with the purpose of the organization is difficult at best – using Corporater, organizations can drive accountability, create transparency and foster collaboration between departments and individuals.

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