Corporater’s Business Continuity Management software increases operational resilience by integrating risk domains to provide you with a complete and updated view of dependencies, as an extension of your existing risk management system.

Enable rapid decision-making, ensure business continuity, and facilitate crisis management, all from a single, easy-to-use interface.


  • One view, one platform: Full access to the data you need to govern and manage your organization and ensure business continuity, consolidated in one solution.

  • Best practice by design: Provides you with the right tools to implement your business continuity program according to global best practices.

  • Built for change: Meet the needs of today while retaining the flexibility to expand or adjust the solution to adapt to future requirements.


  • Increased organizational resilience: Identify specific risks affecting key assets and implement mitigative action where needed, with a cross-domain holistic view of all dependencies.

  • Reduce fines: Reduce potential fines by demonstrating full BCM program compliance to regulatory bodies.

  • Reduce time and costs of business disruption: Improve your ability to respond to business disruptions with formal recovery plans built around clearly assigned responsibilities.

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