Seyma Tuzer - Clariba Rookie


I started my journey in Clariba as a junior consultant. Clariba offers a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment for any junior to grow in terms of technical and soft skills. 

Each project means a new team and new friends from Spain, Qatar, Dubai, and more. I had an opportunity to work on projects abroad for a couple of months and work with experts and discover new places.

With each project, we are introduced to new technology or industry. What we do is dynamic, resulting in our technical growth being very fast. This keeps us motivated to keep up with the latest trends and ready to explore new areas. Our managers always encourage us to learn new technologies and help us to develop soft skills based on our own preferences.

I also think, our team is very supportive and friendly that any new joiner can communicate easily and adjust. Thanks to my colleagues and managers, my beginning was soft but steady.

I recommend anyone who wants friendly colleagues, challenging work, and a little bit of adventure. Clariba is a great place to start off your career journey.