Daniel Sagrera - Clariba Trailblazer


abril 2017. During my last year of University I started in Clariba as an intern and it’s been a while since then! 4 years of multiple customers, projects, and colleagues. And, of course, some after works too!

Since the internship, I have been involved in projects from Europe and Middle East and had the opportunity to travel and meet people from many countries, different work styles and many experiences.

It would not be fair to say that everything is easy; there are hard times too. But when those come is when you realise that the network we have in the team is great. Most of the time is not about knowing everything as technology evolves quickly but being a team player to ask and provide help when needed: there is always a colleague who can lend a hand. 

There are plenty of job openings. Check them out and feel free to ask any question if you would like to join the team!