Corporater BMP replaces legacy software such as Excel with an enterprise-grade specialist platform, facilitating collaboration, transparency, and traceability.

Working in tandem with Corporater Strategy & Performance Planning and Execution, you have access to a full and detailed overview of risk across the organization, aligned with your core strategy.


  • Migrate from Excel to a multiuser, integrated platform

  • Link and align risk management and compliance to strategic objectives and KPIs

  • Implement an agile system that addresses your current risk management needs and will grow with your organization

  • Integrate incident management, performance management, strategic goals & objectives

  • Integrate and align with compliance controls

  • Move from checkbox compliance to risk-based decision making

  • Systematic and automated aggregation of risks up the chain

  • Streamlined, documented, and repeatable risk management process


  • Improved performance, efficiency, and agility

  • Improved visibility reduces overall risk exposure

  • Rapid decision making and problem solving based on real-time data

  • Improved organizational culture boosts integrity, accountability, and risk awareness

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