SAP BusinessObjects Cloud – exceeding your expectations

SAP BusinessObjects Cloud is one of SAP’s newest product offerings to customers. It is also one among of the most extensively developed tools. In fact, SAP has a large team of developers working on BusinessObjects Cloud that produces new features and enhancements every two weeks! This product initially started out as a small project to create a planning product in the cloud that turned into a tool that customers are mesmerized by.

SAP BusinessObjects Cloud has impressive Business Intelligence and Planning capabilities, which I will highlight later on. It is worth mentioning that BusinessObjects Cloud also provides Predictive and is planning to offer GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) capabilities this year. Everything will be included in one product running on HANA Cloud Platform, which has amazing data processing performance.

These following screenshots demonstrate some of the BI capabilities...

As you can see here, you have a nice variety of charts and controls to view your data: ESRI Maps, waterfall charts, input control, and time-series charts.
It is worth mentioning that time series charts are rare to find as an out-of-box chart in most BI tools.


Here is another example of how your story can potentially look like. In this example, we are demonstrating the variance between actual data and forecast data using bar charts. Also, you can add positive or negative comments, line charts, and pie charts.

Speaking of Planning…

The planning capabilities of SAP BusinessObjects Cloud are pretty impressive too. With BusinessObjects Cloud planning you can allocate general expenses, such as IT expenses, using predefined allocation methods or by creating your own allocation method. In addition, you can set KPIs, create multiple versions of your data, and use built-in calculations like YoY (year-over-year) in an Excel-like spreadsheet.

Here is a snapshot of how your story can potentially look like. Again, you are the artist who is empowered to create your own business story.

Finally, all of what you have seen can be created by knowledge workers, even those who have never used SAP products before, and that’s because of the consumer-grade user interface. As a result, once your employees create a story they like, they can easily share it among their teams, start discussions, create events, and assign tasks all using one platform – SAP BusinessObjects Cloud.

Ending Remarks

Business Analytics tools have always made decision-makers empowered –make better decisions with lower risks. What SAP had done with BusinessObjects Cloud is that it extended the power of HANA and delivered much needed Business Analytic tools which are relatively inexpensive. To wrap it up, there is no better time to become empowered!