The Corporater Internal Audit Management solution is designed to drive efficiency across the entire audit workflow from planning to reporting, providing an end-to-end integrated audit product.

Conduct comprehensive risk assessments, govern audit plans, configure custom audit workflows, and generate detailed reports, resulting in seamless coordination between risk and compliance.

Corporater’s Internal Audit Management solution includes pre-configured best practice frameworks, workflows, and example reports out of the box.

The solution acts as an accelerator for your organization, reducing costs and minimizing implementation time allowing you to get up and running rapidly and effectively.



Improve Organizational Performance

Standardize and automate audit management processes to deliver significant savings in time and cost.


Identify Emerging Risks and Opportunities

Combine data from multiple sources into custom dashboards, allowing you to make real-time, data-driven decisions with confidence.


Comply with Standards and Regulations

Demonstrate regulatory, financial, or legal compliance to interested parties and key stakeholders without the need for excessive administrative work.


Generate Powerful Reports

Output detailed and easily digestible reports in commonly used file formats, including Word, Excel, and PDF.

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